Caroline Shotton - That's Amor-Hay

This piece is inspired from the scene in 'Lady & The Tramp' where they are sharing a plate of spaghetti, and are drawn together by a single strand, where they then realise they are in love. Replace spaghetti with straw, and you've got 'That's Amor-Hay!'. The cows are sitting at a makeshift wooden dinner table, sharing a romantic pile of hay, illuminated by a candle in a milk bottle. These are props that you could expect to find in and around a farm. The use of light is key in this piece; rather than the scene being moonlit, the candle draws us in to a much more intimate, romantic setting. The single strand that brings them together was hand-painted. If I had used a real piece of hay, it would not have looked as if it was going into their mouths. It also allowed me to accentuate the shadow of the straw cast on the chin of the cow.

Boxed Canvas
36 x 36''

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